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Non-Responsive Web Design

  • Non-Responseive Web Design
  • 10/04/2023
  • eGraphics Cloud

Non responsive websites are still the most commonly seen website on the web for obvious reasons but are becoming a thing of the past. Search engines strive to provide good user experience and with the huge uptake of mobile devices it’s not unlikely that responsive websites will be served higher in search results as time passes.

Many web designers have previously designed separate mobile websites along with a separate website for viewing on a computer. These days are gone, the problem with this approach is that just because something is made to be viewed on a mobile device, and it doesn’t mean it can be viewed on any and all mobile devices.

With responsive design, whichever device a user is viewing the website on becomes irrelevant. They know is that the site works, no matter what device is viewing it. The way responsive design works, it will be true no matter what kind of mobile devices come out in the future.

To put it simply as more and more people access the Internet via mobile phones, tablets and all manner of devices, a responsive website ensures your website is accessible and useable by everyone visiting, giving you a much greater return on investment.

Consider this also, how many businesses are spending thousands of dollars on online advertisements only to send the people that click on these advertisements to a none responsive website? How many of these people simply leave because the website is not responsive (mobile friendly).

Common sense therefore dictates that if a responsive website engages users better across all devices, helps maximize returns as it allows users to easily use the website, responsive design is a must in this day and age.

If you are interested in a new responsive website design, built to really maximize your return on investment, speak to us and we can help you if you capture our attention.

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