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This password requirements generator is a simple and easy way to get a good password. It uses the modern best practices of long and strong, as well as randomly generated characters.

Passwords are the keys to our online world, and so strong and unique passwords must be created. We use Javascript to create strong random passwords using the requirements you specify. The password is generated on the fly, non-reproducible, and never stored or transmitted beyond this page, available for your eyes only.

The strength of your password is directly proportional to the complexity, length and character variety. But here's the thing: there are great ways to create strong, memorable passwords that you can actually type blindfolded, but creating one for every account and platform you use is a pain in the ass. Wouldn't it be good if all those websites and apps that ask you for a password would just use some random combination of stuff they already know about you?

  1. Use a mix of upper & lower case letters
  2. Include numbers
  3. Include at least one special character
  4. Avoid using personal information
  5. Do not use the same password for multiple sites
  6. Change your passwords regularly

Random Password Generator

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